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Sticks and Tones. Alex Nwokolo

Alex Nwokolo started his burnt wood installations in the mid-nineties –  probably his most restless period as an artist. The early pieces were made of large, elongated wooden sticks that

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How to love your artworks

Collecting art can be the beginning of a life-long romance. And like the best romantic encounters it needs nurture and some attention. So, here are a few guidelines to always

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The Bwa Sun Mask

The Bwa sun mask is incredibly elegant. It finds a balance between rawness and design; strength, and harmony. A triangular motif spreads in a concentric pattern from the centre of

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Veronica’s Veil

A depiction of a black Jesus can’t be all that disturbing, can it? It was for the congregation of St. Paul’s Church, Ebute Metta. This was 1966 though, so things

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