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Bride and Maids

In the old days, when an Urhobo girl made the transition to marriage, she would go to the market to announce her transition from girl to bride. Each Urhobo village

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Punu masks (Gabon)

The hairstyles for these masks are different, depending on wealth. These masks were carved in the likeness the beautiful women of Gabon who had inspired the carvers. Some women had

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Sticks and Tones. Alex Nwokolo

Alex Nwokolo started his burnt wood installations in the mid-nineties –  probably his most restless period as an artist. The early pieces were made of large, elongated wooden sticks that

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How to love your artworks

Collecting art can be the beginning of a life-long romance. And like the best romantic encounters it needs nurture and some attention. So, here are a few guidelines to always

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The Bwa Sun Mask

The Bwa sun mask is incredibly elegant. It finds a balance between rawness and design; strength, and harmony. A triangular motif spreads in a concentric pattern from the centre of

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Veronica’s Veil

A depiction of a black Jesus can’t be all that disturbing, can it? It was for the congregation of St. Paul’s Church, Ebute Metta. This was 1966 though, so things

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